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Therapy Articles

Stories of inspiration for kids with special needs

Stories of Inspiration:

This is a new article section on the stories that warm your heart, give you hope, and put a smile on your face!  Join us a we explore what happens when individual focus on abilities and what they can achieve.  At Connections we believe that we have a responsibility not to the disability but to find, nuture, and grow the abilities of our amazing children!


Therapy Articles: 
Wild Child or Wilting Child: Submitted by Belinda Williams OTR, SIP

You would not believe the stories, unless of course you had seen it for yourself. One mother feared for her 4 y.o. child’s life because she climbed constantly.  Not just the sofa, and any fence she could get to, but even book shelves and kitchen counters which she reached by opening the oven door to use as the first step. She often jumped down without fear of pain or punishment before mom could reach her. Another mother told me of how her child was constantly putting “everything” in his mouth. Worse than that, her son would hit the ground belly first to gently rub his lips back and forth against the rough gravel embedded black top...CLICK HERE to read more of this Article
Social Skills Groups: Submitted by Katherine Keeling

Society assumes that social skills, such as using appropriate manners, playing board games, the give and take of conversation, understanding facial expressions and making/keeping friends will be acquired naturally.  Some children/individuals need to have these skills broken down and taught directly to them in a manner that works for them. Social Skills Groups are programs designed to help individuals with social skill difficulties...CLICK HERE to read more of this Article
Therapeutic Riding & Hippotherapy: Helping Those in Need to Walk On
Submitted by John Maniatis & Suzanne Sessums
Therapeutic riding has its origins with the ancient Greeks, who had recognized that riding a horse was more than a means of transportation, but also for improving the health and well-being of people with disabilities. Since then, numerous studies have been made documenting the value of therapeutic riding. Throughout Europe, Therapeutic riding has been in use for centuries, and was officially adopted in the United States in 1960. NARHA was formed in 1969 to provide guidelines, training and certification of instructors. Evolving along with therapeutic riding was Hippotherapy.  Hippotherapy, which literally means treatment with the help of the horse, from the Greek word hippos (horse), is carried out by a licensed physical, speech or occupational therapist...CLICK HERE to read more of this Article.
Sensory Processing Disorder: Choosing a Facility:
Submitted by Denise Bennett

 Sensory processing disorders can affect children in many different ways. Our ability to effectively process sensory information affects attention, learning, motor skills, language, behavior, and social skills. Issues may be in a single area or in a combination of areas. As a parent begins to suspect that their child has an issue with sensory processing they may begin their search to define the problem through books, internet searches, teachers, and friends. These resources can be helpful in understanding the disorder but may not be as useful in helping the parent to understand what type of facility they should be looking for. Many clinics may state that they treat children with sensory processing issues, but the level of competency can vary greatly from clinic to clinic...CLICK HERE to read more of this Article.

(ABA) Applied Behavioral Analysis: The Method Beyond the Myth:
Submitted by Billy Edwards BCBA

In such an exciting time where more than ever before information is available regarding funding, treatments, and legislation for individuals with Special Needs, parents are faced with the daunting challenge of how to choose the best options for their children. The reality that Autism was directly mentioned during a Presidential debate could only mean that positive things are happening!...CLICK HERE to read more of this Article.

Hyperbaric Therapy: A Mom's Guide:

So what does your child with special needs have in common with some of the world’s most amazing athletes? The answer is that they may both find hyperbaric therapy or HBOT, as a tool to speed up healing to the tissues in their body and at the same time decrease the inflammation. Terrell Owens, Jeremy Shockey, and many other professional athletes have come to depend on mild HBOT therapy to help their bodies recover quickly, regain strength, and feel better...CLICK HERE to read more of this Article.