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Nutrition Articles
Food Allergies: Just how big a deal is it?

Food allergies is one of the fastest rising diagnosis in America, but seriously how much difference can an allergy make?  Evidently a whole lot.  Recently as we have been out and about giving away Free copies of Connections we have asked parents about these type issues and we were blown away by the detailed responses.


Here are a couple of quotes from those parents:

"Yeah we thought that there was no way a dietary intervention would have an effect on our child's moods and behavior....boy were we wrong.  I wish we would have tried this earlier!"

"We suspected that our daughter had some food sensitivities, but when we got her allergy screening back we were shocked at the results.  Over half of the foods we were feeding her she was allergic to.  Big problem."
Allergies & Digeston: Submitted by Constantine A. Kotsanis. MD 

As an otolaryngologist practicing 25 years I have performed allergy testing and treatment daily. In the mid 1990’s I began to get allergy patients who were not doing as well on allergy treatment as patients in earlier years. It was clear that something had changed. Being a conference junkie and talking to colleagues all over the country I realized I was not alone. It was presented at a meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy that patients who would not improve allergy shots had a compromised digestive system...Click Here to read more of this article.

A Foodie Saved My Life: Submitted by Jackie Polvado Mom of Three

 As a mom of three wonderful kids ranging in age from two to seven years (and two of them are on the Autism spectrum) my life can sometimes be more than slightly hectic. In fact, sometimes it is just flat-out chaotic! With that said, from time to time, things slip through the cracks like doctor’s appointments, school drop offs, Internet research on therapies, and my duties as a room mom...Click here to read more of this Article.