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Parent & Family Articles

Parent & Family Articles:

Sound Fininancial Strategies: Submitted by Nexus Special Care Planning

It's enough of a challenge to provide economic and emotional support for an adult special needs child without having to deal with an inadvertent loss of disability or Medicaid benefits by reason of an innocent financial oversight. Yet, according to financial and legal experts that specialize in special care issues, this situation occurs all the time, causing monetary strains and forcing parents to jump through frustrating bureaucratic hoops to restore lost benefits...CLICK HERE to read more of this Article.

Charitable Remainder & Special Needs Trusts:  Submitted by Nexus Special Care Planning Team

Say you’re getting on in years and, anticipating the time when you’re no longer able to do so, want to provide a lifetime of care for your adult child who has a serious disability. You’d also like to make a substantial financial gift to the charity that’s been so helpful in providing advice and care for the child over the years. Is there any way you can achieve both goals, and do so in a tax-effective way?...CLICK HERE to read more of this Article.

Caring For Caregivers:  Submitted by Nexus Special Care Planning

For most people, it’s fairly easy to pick up and go shopping, visit the hairdresser, or attend worship services. Oh, they may have to juggle their schedules a bit, but they’ll get there. The situation is far different, however, for family caretakers to children or adults with disabilities or other special needs. Even the smallest break from their duties requires advance preparation to secure qualified substitute care. Yet caregivers need to take time off to stay healthy. The stress they face can shorten their lives by as many as 10 years, according to one economic study.*...CLICK HERE to read more of this Article.

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