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Divorce: Bad Things Happen to Good People
Divorce Article

    After 80 events here in Dallas Fort Worth I have met a ton of our readers, listened to their struggles, given more hugs than I can count, and hopefully a word of encouragement to keep pressing forward on their journey.  We are all in this together regardless of diagnosis, hence the reason that we named this project Connections.  Each of us share similar experiences, challenges, and some unique joys.  There are some obvious conclusions that can drawn after meeting so many people that I have a true Connection with.  One is that it is tough out there.  We all struggle to find the right resources, advocate for our kids, stay up on the latest research, afford therapy, file insurance claims, cook meals, worry about the future, financially plan for the future, pay bills, wash clothes, clean the house, and oh yeah be married!  Feel stressed yet?  In the midst of life often comes adversity, which leads to strife, which can lend to conflict, and often in a marriage ultimately divorce.  I have talked too many of you who have walked this road which is often painful and at times bitter.  I would like to take a brief moment to draw your attention to three really important resources that I have referred many to.

Prevention:  Family & Marriage Counseling:  Too often decisions are made out of raw emotion and without professional help things can get out of control in a hurry.  I know that often one party or the other does not want to go to counseling, but it is a great idea and something that can help you sort through raw emotions, feelings, and get some clarity.  We have a great resource partner that is ready and willing to help you in this situation: Kim Johnson 469-549-4200 www.johnsonneuro.com

Divorce Mediation:  No one really likes to talk about what happens when things do not work out for the best, but sometimes differences can be irreconcilable.  It is at this point that making the right choice is paramount, especially for our kids, many of whom will need lifelong care on some level.  Even though the marriage will not survive both parties will need to agree on a life plan including, transition, guardianship, financial both short and long term.  Divorce mediation is hands down the best approach for families affected by both divorce and disability.  We have a resource partner who has committed his entire practice to collaborative law and guardianship issues: Robert Ramirez of Coorpender & Ramirez 940-321-0265 www.denton-law.com (See ad bottom of page)

Divorce Recovery:  No matter how you look at it divorce is painful and final court papers rarely bring closure, however it can also offer new beginnings.  Too often we move on before taking time to heal our wounded souls.  Joining a divorce recovery support group is a great first step to your new beginning.  To find a recovery support group near you Google “divorce recovery (your city)”.

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