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Common $ense
Common Sense Article

Chances are that you probably know the answers to at least a couple of the questions in the quiz above, but how much common sense applies to your life plan for your child’s success as an adult with special needs.  Enemy number one is procrastination.  Not having a plan is no plan at all.  It’s time to schedule a free consultation with a certified financial planner right now!  No one really enjoys anyone else asking tough questions about finances, but most people leave empowered and feeling in control.  You might just be surprised.  MONEY!  The second reason most people avoid planning.  Most of us don’t have a lot of spare cash sitting around to invest so why bother?  The truth is that there are some really creative ways to fund a special needs trust, but the catch is it is impossible to fund a trust if you don’t have one.  Finally the most important common sense question should be if you don’t ensure a solid life plan for your child who is going to make the decisions about your child’s welfare when you are gone?  If that does not motivate you, what will?  How is that for common sense?  

ANSWERS 2 QUIZ: 1) Ton  2) Fly  3) Burned  4) Fail

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