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Medical Articles
Allergies & Digeston: Submitted by Constantine A. Kotsanis. MD
As an otolaryngologist practicing 25 years I have performed allergy testing and treatment daily. In the mid 1990’s I began to get allergy patients who were not doing as well on allergy treatment as patients in earlier years. It was clear that something had changed. Being a conference junkie and talking to colleagues all over the country I realized I was not alone. It was presented at a meeting of the American Academy of Otolaryngic Allergy that patients who would not improve allergy shots had a compromised digestive system...Click Here to read more of this article.
Defeat Autism Now (DAN!): Submitted by Constatine A. Kotsanis MD 

A mother by the name of Jenny McCarthy has practically made the phrase “DAN doctor” a household word. Because of her son’s story and her book this wellknown author has raised the awareness of mothers and educators so that more children will be diagnosed and recovered earlier rather than later or not at all...Click here to read more of this Article.

Stories of inspiration for kids with special needs

Don't Forget our Stories of Inspiration:

This is a new article section on the stories that warm your heart, give you hope, and put a smile on your face!  Join us a we explore what happens when individual focus on abilities and what they can achieve.  At Connections we believe that we have a responsibility not to the disability but to find, nuture, and grow the abilities of our amazing children!



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