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Educational Articles

Below is an excerpt from our new blog called Give a Child a Voice. 
We are looking for guest bloggers if you would like to submit a blog follow these steps:

  1. Type your post into Word Doc
  2. Clearly state that this is a guest blog submission for www.giveachildavoice.blogspot.com
  3. Email it to us at info@connectionskids.com

Here are some other Educational Articles!

Homework Blues: Submitted by Dr. Kim Johnson

You've reasoned, pleaded, and even bribed your child. You've taken away everything in his room-even the carpet.  You've read up on the Top 10 Strategies to Get Your Child To Complete Homework and complied with all the advice created a specific place to complete homework, removed distractions, made yourself available for assistance, made use of a timer, etc. You were embarrassed to read the comments on your child's last report card: "Timmy will learn best if he actually completes his own homework.  Thank you for your understanding." You even made a recording of yourself saying, "Finish your homework", which you play back in 30 second intervals during homework time to avoid losing your voice. None of these things have worked consistently, so you finally blurt out the unimaginable to your child..."I hate homework!" Oops. But we understand. Consider a few other possibilities: .....Click here to read more of this article

The Truth About Dyslexia:  Submitted by Learing RX

Myth #1: Dyslexia is about reversing letters.

The most basic sign of dyslexia is not “reversed letters” as many people think, but rather weak phonemic awareness skills. Phonemic awareness and auditory processing skills are the underlying cognitive abilities to hear and remember the smallest individual units of sound in a word....
Click Here To Read More of this Article

Non-medicated approaches to improving the three types of attention:  Submitted by Learning RX

For a parent whose child has been labeled “ADD” or “ADHD,” it seems like there are few options other than ignoring the symptoms or pumping him/her full of Ritalin or other stimulant medications.  And while most parents’ biggest concern is the possible side effects, perhaps an equally important consideration should be that stimulant medications only treat the symptoms – not the underlying cause – of the problem. This means that, although the child may be been easier to “handle” at school, chances are that his/her grades are still sub-par.  So what’s a parent to do?...
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